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Answers To Your Search For God

SCRIPTURE  FROM:   Hebrews 1:1-3 (TLB)

TEXT: Long ago God spoke in many different ways to our fathers through the prophets, in visions, dreams, and even face to face, telling them little by little about his plans. But now in these days he has spoken to us through his Son to whom he has given everything and through whom he made the world and everything there is. God’s Son shines out with God’s glory, and all that God’s Son is and does marks him as God. He regulates the universe by the mighty power of his command. He is the one who died to cleanse us and clear our record of all sin, and then sat down in highest honor beside the great God of heaven.

OBSERVATION:   It appears like through the writer of Hebrews, God may be saying to us that in spite of the many ways that we seek God, and in spite of the evidence often used to identify God’s presence and existence, yet we need look no further than His Son to understand who God is, where God is, and how badly God wants us to see clearly the path of salvation that leads His children to eternity with Him in glory. The big question for us today is ‘Do we know God’s Son’? ‘Have we met Jesus personally and have an intimate, personal relationship with Him’?

APPLICATION:   I find it interesting how doubt often develops about the existence of God when:

  • Our prayers are not answered the way we told God that we wanted them answered; or
  • We rush to call on God when we are especially going through desperate times, but we are met with silence; or
  • Those that we hold in high esteem, such as a pastor or other church leader, falls because of sin in their lives;

I’m sure that there are other scenarios that you may think of, but as you ponder over these things please also consider how your personal relationship is with God. For friends, although it may have been one of the above scenarios yesterday, Satan has an eye on you and I as he looks for a weak moment to bash in on our relationship with God. The good news is that God knew all about the temptations that would come our way, and all about the nature of sinful man, and yet He loved us anyway! In fact, He loved us more than we could ever imagine, for He went beyond anything we could ever imagine, by sending His only Son to live among us. Then to resolve the sin issue for us, God allowed Jesus to be crucified on a cruel cross at Calvary, so that through that one sacrifice, each of us that ask, in sincerity, to be saved from our sin, could do so by accepting the free gift of salvation offered through Jesus’ sacrifice. If you are still searching for God, then you are either ignoring the path set out before us through Jesus Christ, or you are calling God a liar and a fake. There is more evidence than we could begin to list, that our God is alive! The Word today shows us how God continues to work through His Son, Jesus, and how this was all orchestrated for one purpose, that we could have forgiveness of sin and a glorious home to which we could look forward to being with our Savior and our God! Do you know Jesus today, friend? Is this news not just exciting for you, but also very personal for you because you are already a son or daughter of the most high God? 

PRAYER:   Precious Lord, take my hand, lead me on, and let me stand physically in Your presence on whatever day you decide to call me home. For my friends and I, You have prepared our eternal home; You’ve provided the means for us to get there; and You’ve given us Your Word so that we might know how to be right with You. Lord, may this be the day that You once again touch hardened hearts that we’ve been praying for, and may this also be the day that You reach in and convict the heart of the one who might stumble across this devotional in their search for everlasting peace and satisfaction. Thank You for loving us so much to not just leave us in our sin, but to open the doors of heaven for even us. AMEN!

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