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No Other Name

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Friday, 2017-12-22


Acts 4:7-10 (TLB)


…“By what power, or by whose authority have you done this?” the Council demanded.

Then Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, said to them, “Honorable leaders and elders of our nation, if you mean the good deed done to the cripple, and how he was healed, 10 let me clearly state to you and to all the people of Israel that it was done in the name and power of Jesus from Nazareth, the Messiah, the man you crucified—but God raised back to life again. It is by his authority that this man stands here healed!

After healing a crippled man, Peter and John were held captive by the Jewish leaders for questioning. Why, they were showing power that was yet unheard of, and the leaders wanted to avoid a coo that would distract the allegiance of the followers from their king to THE KING of kings and LORD of lords. They tried this through accountability and intimidation with Peter and John. To their surprise Peter was primed and ready, filled with the Holy Spirit and spoke in the confidence of the Master that he served. This is a lesson for us all, stay tuned…..
It is easy for us to preach, or teach, or sing our praises, or pray beautiful and sanctimonious prayers – all around church and other Christians, but would we get slightly timid doing that in a public arena? How about when we know that the enemy, or opposition is present? Are we still ‘bold’ in our witness, speech or conduct? This Scripture tells us that Peter stood to speak, filled with the Holy Spirit. I believe this is the key to all of the scenarios I just prompted you to think of. You might respond that you have been filled with the Spirit from the day you were saved. To which I would challenge you to consider: What, then, holds you back from a bold public witness? Friends, I am convinced that what this means, is that Peter, a holy man of God, pleaded before the throne for grace to stand and speak boldly that day to anyone that might ask about the strength and power that resided inside of him. In response, the Holy Spirit anointed him with an extra unction of the Holy Spirit, to do the job, and speak the necessary words in support of Christ before leaders who refused to accept, or honor our Lord and Savior. Friends, did you realize that without that indwelling Holy Spirit in us, we too might look on the Peter’s and John’s of today and comment similarly to the Jews? For I believe that each of us must be so in-tuned with God that our spirit might mesh with the Holy Spirit’s presence and work around us, otherwise we tend to look at the individual and judge them based on what we know the capacity of individuals are. I believe that for God’s work to be accomplished in and through individuals and churches today, Christians must strive to be filled, and refilled with the Holy Spirit each day, for we will either be used of God to speak and work boldly into the lives of the unsaved, or we will affirm the work that the Holy Spirit is already doing in the lives of the unsaved through the humblest of men and women, even those that we would ordinarily brush aside as illiterate or uneducated. Let me encourage each of you reading this devotional today to speak with the Master about how He might use you – yes, even you, to speak truth into the lives of those that you come into contact with. Friends, it’s folk like us that the Almighty can use to reach other folk just like us! Let Him do that, won’t you?
Lord, please have Your way in the lives of believers today, and please work mightily in preparing the hearts of individuals that we will come into contact with that need a touch from You. In our Scripture today, it was a lame man that needed help. Today only You know the spiritual condition of the hearts we will touch in some way. May it be a positive experience in which Your Holy Spirit might draw these ones to You, for this is my humble and desperate plea to You today. AMEN!
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