Guide My Steps & The Road Ahead

Without any documented research to prove this, I believe that we can safely say that, besides riches, the most sought-after thing by fellow humans and ourselves, is reassurance that we are headed in the right direction and that we will not stumble or fail along the way. David, the psalmist, found the magic to this, and in today’s Scripture he is sharing it with us!

DATE POSTED Wednesday, 2022-11-16

SCRIPTURE FROM: Psalm 119:105-108; 112;
TRANSLATION: Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)

BIBLE TEXT: 105 Your word is like a lamp that guides my steps, a light that shows the path I should take. 106 Your laws are good and fair. I have promised to obey them, and I will keep my promise. 107 Lord, I have suffered for a long time. Say the word, and I will live again! 108 Lord, accept the praise I want to give you, and teach me your laws.
112 More than anything I want to obey your laws always, until the end of my life.

APPLICATION: Notice that David didn’t ask God for a magic potion, or an instant miracle, for it is evident that David realized that the answers for his dilemmas or questions were already provided for him in the Bible. So as a good start, let us find our Bibles and commit to study them regularly so that we could find the answers for ourselves, like David found so useful for himself. Friends, I bet that at some point in your life, many of you may have gone to your pastor, or a physic, or perhaps even turned to astronomy for guidance on what to do, when to do it and how to do it. For there are daily challenges that we simply hang on to our seats and just hope that everything will work itself out. But what David is teaching us today, is not for the one looking for every solution to be placed in their laps and completed miraculously for them, while they sit back in their recliner. For David tells us that the answers are found in God’s Word. That tells me that David was willing to accept the fact that he didn’t have all the answers to life, and that he depended on the Mighty God of this universe to guide him in his decisions, direct every step that he took, and to open his eyes so he could clearly see the path ahead that he should follow. So, how shall we apply this to our daily lives? Well, the Book in which David found knowledge, wisdom and guidance, is still available to us today. However, I hope that you are more committed to reading your Bible than I am at reading many of the books I own. Most are placed on the shelf until disaster comes, or difficult situations arise, or it seems like all hope is lost. But if we are to truly look to God, through His Word, for answers to today’s dilemmas and opportunities, then we must get into the Word of God at the very beginning of each day. Just as you take time to warm up to your spouse before getting into a deep discussion, begin your time of devotion with God by talking to Him and asking for His guidance. Then, open the Word and see what God has in store for you that day. I would be happy to help you find a good Bible reading plan, based on the amount of time you want to commit to spending with God. Contact me below so I could help with that. You may not recognize God’s direction while you are reading, or even after you complete your reading, but based on personal experience, I believe that you will be amazed how often the very subjects covered in your devotional time, is aligned with things you will face that same day! You see, God knows what you will be faced with each day. He’s just looking for you to ask Him for wisdom and boldness to handle it like a child of His! Many will say that things don’t work exactly for them as I said above. I may not have all the answers my friend, but my God does. Be willing to do like David and surrender your will to the will of God; your knowledge to His; your uncertainties to His all-knowing and wise guidance. When you dish out guidance, discipline, wisdom and instructions in love, you are better accepted because your children or employees know that you are looking out for their own good. You probably learnt that from God, for that’s how He operates every day. Seek Him while He may be found and obey His commands with a heart like His servant, David.

BLESSING(S) NOTED: Why look anywhere else when most of us already own the resource where its author gives good and perfect instruction each day. He’s the only One who truly knows you, your circumstances and your future!

PRAYER: Lord, we acknowledge once again today that You are our Creator, Ruler and Life-sustainer and that You have a place prepared for us in heaven when our work here on earth is complete. While allowed to remain here, please make good use of us for Your Kingdom’s sake. You know the challenges we will face each day, so I ask that You please prepare us to meet those challenges each day by opening our eyes to the answers we will find in Your Word. We want so badly to do our part Lord, so help us to be dedicated to reading Your Word, conversing with You and following in obedience to all that You will teach us and point out to us. As we follow You, please touch the lives of unbelievers we come into contact with, so that they might develop a growing desire to know You intimately. AMEN!

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