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Thoughts on Listening To God

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Thursday, 2017-06-22


Psalm 81:8 (NLT)


“Listen to me, O my people, while I give you stern warnings.
    O Israel, if you would only listen to me!
God had miraculously rescued Israel from their slave masters in Egypt and had taken care of their every need during their 40 long years in the wilderness as they traveled to the land of milk and honey that God promised to them. Yet right up to the very end of their journey they were still rebellious and obstinate about listening to God. Learning from the lessons of the Israelites, surely we have this obedience thing under control today, right? ….. we’ll see…..
Evidence of more obedient people today because we have learned from the lessons of the Israelites, might be: Children of God who are in the Book every day seeking direction from God; Christians who spend quality, quiet time with God in prayer at least once every day; Getting along with everyone because of being taught by God to follow His example; Churches filled to capacity as indicators of so many being filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit; Obedience to the Word of God and the Spirit of God causing others to see Jesus in every fiber of our being. Friends it is virtually impossible to accomplish any of these things under our own power, for to fight spiritual battles, we must surrender earthly things, and assume a right relationship with the God of this universe, the One who has all spiritual power, the One who guides us to do things that He commands, and say things ordained by Him. To be like God, we must spend more time with Him than we do with the leader of this world, Satan. God told us in vs 14-16 that if His people would humble themselves and pray and seek His face, then He would intervene and save them and bless them. In verse 8, let’s try removing the word Israel and replacing it with our name, or the name of our church, or our city or state or country. This is what it takes to replace the evil of our land with the good, the blessings and the peace of God that surpasses all human understanding. Are you willing to let it start with you and I? God never said that it would take an army to get His attention or His action, I am convinced that He would move mountains for just one or two, if that’s all that are prepared to follow His commands.
Lord Jesus, You have proven Your love for us in so many ways, and I thank You again for that amazing love. You sacrificed the most dearest thing to Your Father, to prove Your love for us, yet we are so lackadaisical in commitment to You and in our walk for You. When troubles or challenges come, we try every idea thrown at us before we bow the knee in humility before You and seek Your face and Your miraculous touch. Please forgive us Lord, and as reminded in this Scripture today, please help us to listen carefully and follow Your perfect will for our lives so that we might honor You and allow You priority in our lives. I have every reason to believe that You will send opportunities to us today where someone will need to hear about Jesus, or feel Your sincere love, or be guided by Your all knowing and powerful hand. Fill us with so much of Yourself Lord, that we may be usable vessels for You in this world today, AMEN! 
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