The Power of God’s Promise

Thursday, 2019-06-13

Bible Reference: Luke 1:36-37
Translation: The Message (MSG)

Bible Text: 36-37 “And did you know that your cousin Elizabeth conceived a son, old as she is? Everyone called her barren, and here she is six months pregnant! Nothing, you see, is impossible with God.”

OBSERVATION: A familiar story is found in Luke chapter 1, but the above words were meant for me today. Like Mary, I often wonder how, or why God would work a miracle in my life, or in the life of my family or my church. But praise the Lord, I am reminded that if my God promises something to His children, we need not wonder ‘how’, or ‘if’, for God’s Word declares that ALL things are possible with God! Let’s stop and consider His amazing power today, that is available to us every day!

APPLICATION: Mary, a young, virgin girl, who had not exposed herself to any man yet, was approached by an angel and given a proclamation that sounded really far out – that in spite of her virginity, she would bear a child. Moreover, this child would be the very Son of God. We may have heard this story so many times that our senses may have been dulled by the prophetic call by the angel Gabriel. But for the purpose of fully grasping the awe of this story today, let us stop and consider the idea of our young child coming in to tell us that: #1 – They are pregnant; and #2 – They will be the mother of God’s Son. Wow, those two statements would probably knock us down to the floor! So, stop for a moment and just imagine how you would honestly react to that news. Furthermore, imagine if you were that young lady who was touched on the shoulder and spoken to by a, a…. a what??? An angel??? Ok, perhaps you are now beginning to understand why Mary needed a little more convincing! But she was given another big shocker, that her elderly cousin Elizabeth – you know, the barren one? Yes, Elizabeth will also have a child soon. Oh my, how much more could this young lady’s heart take? But she was given the tag that helped her to make sense of all this shocking news, for the angel told her that the author of all this is God, and that nothing is impossible with Him. But, you might ask: why was this included in the Bible for us? Oh my friend, I am hoping that you might be encouraged like I was. For when life seems overwhelming, to whom shall we turn? When we feel like God is sending us in a direction for which we seem so unprepared, how will we succeed? When we can’t seem to have children, and we want them so desperately, how, how, how???? Let us remember the words given to Mary by the angel when she stood in disbelief and wonderment – Nothing is impossible with God! When He promised in His Word to be with us through all phases of life – He will fulfill His promises and see us through. When God leads us into a situation, He will see us through! Remember, the same God that caused a virgin girl to bear the very Son of God, is the same God that we serve today! He is still the same God! I praise God that He is the One that I serve, and the One that I adore. Oh what a Savior!

PRAYER: What a wonderful God we serve! Thank You Jesus, for the sacrifice You made so that my sins would be forgiven and that I may have life everlasting with our Father in heaven! Thank You for using Your children in things like bearing the very Son of God; the miracle of birth to a barren lady; healing of the lame, the blind and dumb. Thank You for showing us that we are more than conquerors when we place our faith and trust in You. Please dear Lord, speak to those that choose to ignore You and the love and victory You provide to all who call You ‘Father’ and ‘Lord’ of their life. Oh that You may be glorified today in all that we are. AMEN!

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