Friday, 2019-06-14

Bible Reference: Numbers 24:12-13
Translation: The Voice (VOICE)

Bible Text: Balaam(to Balak): 12 Remember the first time that you sent messengers to get me? Even then I told them 13 I don’t care how much silver and gold you have or what all you’d give to me; I cannot alter what God would have me say. Whatever the Eternal One puts into my mouth is what will come out, whether good or evil words.

OBSERVATION: Reading this Scripture today helped to remind me that I needn’t worry about what others may think, or what they may say about me, as long as I am convinced and determined to carry out the plan of the Lord and speak His Word. After all, when I stand in His stead here on this earth, I want Him to be glorified from all who benefit from His Word, as I know that His Word will not return void. I believe our time of meditation today would be best spent looking at how we might prevent things from interfering in our desire to be resolute in all the things of God.

APPLICATION: I believe that there are many times that we look at the people around us and we try to second guess what they may be thinking, what their prejudices might be, and how they may react when we teach something from God’s Word that may be contrary to their normal way of life. Unfortunately, when we teach or preach on things that we feel others need to hear, or on something that will surely ‘straighten’ them out, it seems like those sermons, or topics, normally fall flat on their faces. The reason might be because we are trying to assume God’s rightful job. I find that the times that I seek after God’s perfect will and try to honor that, my life is impacted long before I could teach it or write a blog about it. Yes, I believe that God will definitely direct me to something that my audience needs to hear, as long as I am not on a vendetta to correct the people myself. But let’s take this back to our story about Balaam, for he was one who was resolute in following through with God’s commands, without allowing the pressures of Balak or any of his men dictating otherwise. Balaam also knew that he stood to become a very rich man if he pleased Balak, but he made his intentions very clear to Balak’s men before he ever left his home. He knew that the idea of money would be thrown at him, but he declared that no amount of gold would provoke him into saying something not approved by his Master, the God of this universe. What about you my friend, do you allow the threat of influential people, or the rich and famous, prevent you from speaking the unadulterated Word of God in season, and out of season? I truly believe that if God has a word for us, or our group, and if He chooses to use us to declare that word, and we do otherwise, then we are sinning, because we are not doing, or saying, what He instructed us to do or say. Let us therefore be obedient to our God in every way, so that He would receive the glory that He deserves.

PRAYER: Thank God we serve a mighty, all-knowing God! You created this universe, including all of my readers and myself. What have we to fear? We consider it a privilege to represent You in every aspect of our lives, especially in sharing of the insight You have given us. For it is then that we depend on Your guidance and the words that You would have us share, so that the very depths of a person’s heart might be touched for your glory. Lord, please touch us with a renewed boldness, so that we can stand firm like your servant Balaam, and not permit any intimidation to discourage us or stop us from speaking Your truth. People need the Lord, but how will they know about Him if we hesitate in doing our part. How will they hear from God if we keep watering down the Word for fear of those in our audience. AMEN!

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