To Live Forever In Heaven

Friday, 2019-07-26

Bible Reference: Luke 10:25-28
Translation: The Passion Translation (TPT)

Bible Text: 25 Just then a religious scholar stood before Jesus in order to test his doctrines. He posed this question: “Teacher, what requirement must I fulfill if I want to live forever in heaven?”
26 Jesus replied, “What does Moses teach us? What do you read in the Law?”
27 The religious scholar answered, “It states, ‘You must love the Lord God with all your heart, all your passion, all your energy, and your every thought. And you must love your neighbor as well as you love yourself.’”
28 Jesus said, “That is correct. Now go and do exactly that and you will live.”

OBSERVATION: Some people will try to copy what successful people have done, because they hope that they could also become successful. The religious scholar in our story today knew what the Bible said about what one must do to gain eternal life, but hoping to entrap Jesus he asked Him the question anyway. I wonder if others gain a fair assessment of how they might get to heaven, by following in our footsteps?

APPLICATION: Don’t you find it fascinating to watch a child’s actions, and especially how they tend to imitate an adult that they tend to admire? I believe that each of us have a deep desire for success, and that depends on whether we are looking to improve our stance here on earth, or if we think about what happens after our struggles here on earth. Many believe in God, especially in times of personal crisis, but many tend to not surrender to Him in the prime of life, because they feel there might be something better here on earth. I believe that although this Jewish scholar initially started out to try and trap Jesus, he may have felt like he was challenging Jesus with the question in verse 25, with hopes of reassuring himself that he knew everything possible about securing his eternity. Fortunately, the scholar chose the right person to question, for Jesus not only knew the answers to his questions, but He also knew the details of this man’s life, and what in particular needed attention from God’s point of view. I believe that there are some today who might ask Jesus the same question that the scholar asked, because they want to make sure that they are doing, at minimal, everything to gain favor with God, in case they ever need Him during their earthly travail. Please re-read the above verses again, and notice that Jesus was emphatic about the relationship that the Scholar had with His Lord – Jesus Christ, and with his fellow man. Friends, you may hear about our Lord and Savior, and you may appreciate all the miraculous things He did for mankind when He was bodily upon this earth. Knowing that the Bible also teaches that You can only achieve heaven through Jesus Christ, you may be looking for a set of standards – rules that you can follow, to make sure that you never wind up in Hell after life on earth is over. Notice how God made it as simple as ABC: Accept Jesus as your Lord and personal Savior – this means that you surrender your self-will and stubborn determination to the simple act of trusting Jesus with every aspect of your life; Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ – that He died (was crucified) and He was buried, yet He arose from the dead so that we might have eternal life in heaven around the throne of God for ever and for ever; and Confess your sins before Him, knowing that He knows everything about you, then acknowledge your sin to Him and ask His forgiveness of your sin. If you are concerned about whether Jesus would ever accept such a sinner as yourself, please read John 3:16, for Jesus assures us that whosoever comes to Him will be saved. He loves us that much dear friends!

PRAYER: Thank You Heavenly Father for loving me enough to accept me, just as I was, and for cleansing me and making me as white as snow in the eyes of our Father. Only a God like You could do such an awesome work in love for even the worst of sinners. Lord Jesus, I beg You today to reach into the hearts of all those that might surrender their heart to You today in response to the Scripture presented, and the humble expression of simple faith shared by the writer. Lord, I lift Your name on high today. Please draw mankind unto Yourself as You promised in Your Word! AMEN!

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