To Become A Holy People Dedicated To The Lord

Saturday, 2019-07-27

Bible Reference: Deuteronomy 28:9-10
Translation: Living Bible (TLB)

Bible Text: He will change you into a holy people dedicated to himself; this he has promised to do if you will only obey him and walk in his ways. 10 All the nations in the world shall see that you belong to the Lord, and they will stand in awe.

OBSERVATION: Listening to the evening news, I believe we will all conclude that Satan has overpowered the world and has taken control of the minds of our people. However, in reading our Bible, God reminds us of what He promised the Israelite people as they prepared to enter the Promised Land. Because God wanted this printed in His Word, I believe He is saying to each one whose country is represented by my readers, that He could do it again! What a glorious thought for us to meditate on today!

APPLICATION: Don’t you feel like our world can’t get much worse in terms of the evil that we hear about through a multitude of criminal activities; the hatred displayed and lived out by many; the prejudices portrayed against people of different races, countries and economic statuses; and the overall disrespect for life itself? I would highly recommend that each reader take time to read the entire chapter linked in the above Scripture, for we can see clearly how God responds to His people when they are obedient to His Word, and to the contrary, when they choose to do their own thing and ignore the instructions of God. Friends, it is clear that God honors His people when they love Him, honor Him, and obey His commands. It is also clear that since He brought us into this world, He could very easily take us out, at His command. In addition to this eye-opening Scripture, I would also refer you to 2 Chronicles 7:14 where we are taught by God that if we humble ourselves, pray, and honor Him, He will heal our land of it’s sin-sickness and set us on a good path. I am so convinced that it is time for Christians to wake up and honor God’s Word, so that He may hear our sincere cry and heal our land. Lord, begin this great work in me – PLEASE, and may this become the prayer of many reading this blog today.

PRAYER: Thank You Lord for you many blessings on me! I’m sure that most of your children will easily echo that praise today, for You are so good to us precious Lord! With the eye-opening reminder from Your Word on the reason for our setbacks and our struggles, I pray that You will help us to seek You personally and commit personally to beg for Your work to begin in us. Yes, we can look at all those around us who fail, but let Your work begin in us. For one by one, under the influence of Your power and love, we can become more than conquerors as You heal our land and draw us unto Yourself. AMEN!

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