Light For Your Path

Thursday, 2019-10-31

Bible Reference: John 8:12
Translation: Contemporary English Version (CEV)

Bible Text:  12 Once again Jesus spoke to the people. This time he said, “I am the light for the world! Follow me, and you won’t be walking in the dark. You will have the light that gives life.”

OBSERVATION: When stumbling down a dark path, we would welcome light to help prevent us from tripping and falling. The time ahead of us is dark, because we cannot see what’s ahead. However, God’s Word brings hope to us in this area, for it tells us that Jesus is the light of the world, and those who accept Him as Lord and Savior will be led into the glories of heaven. Let’s consider what it might be like having that Light available to us today!

APPLICATION:  After surgery a few years ago, the doctor was emphatic about making sure there was adequate light at night to make sure I didn’t trip on anything. Earlier this week I was working on a project that involved using a screwdriver. Once it got dark enough I could not continue, because without light I just could not find the screw-head. I believe that you are probably getting the point, that without sufficient light you just cannot do a whole lot. But what about in other aspects of life where we don’t necessarily depend on natural light, nor become despondent about the absence of light? There are times when we need to make decisions, and we feel totally blinded because we just don’t know what impact our decision will have on us. For example, retirement. We may want to begin retirement at age 50, so we could enjoy our dream vacations and destinations while we still have fairly good health. However, we worry about there being enough money in our retirement fund to keep us out of poverty, because who knows how long we will live into retirement? There seems to always be a part of decision making that is impacted by the unknown, so we stumble around in the dark, hoping that we will make good decisions, or trusting God to do the right thing. For those who read their Bibles, we know that there are two final destinations that awaits us after death from this world. If we have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, then Jesus has shown us His light, and showed us what our eternal kingdom will look like, and who will be in charge there. God created this universe, so we know He is there, and His Son, Jesus, is already there waiting for us. For those who have not made a decision like this, then the Bible is also clear about your final destination, and who will be in charge there, for Satan and his angels await those who have deliberately chosen to walk in darkness. Unfortunately folk, if you are like many that you know, you may have already had your share of earthly sufferings. But please allow me to gently break the bad news to you: ‘You ain’t seen nothing yet’. Friends, I would like to invite you to consider being obedient to the Light of this world – today, friend! Jesus suffered, even to the point of dying on a cruel cross, just to prove His love for us. He wants us to have the keys to heaven, or know the pathway to heaven, and there is no earthly means that would help us to achieve that. But He has provided light to the dark path that we are traveling, for He is the Light of the world. Why go on blindly as if in total darkness, when we know who the Light is? Jesus loves us way too much to see us plunder around in darkness and lose our battle to Satan, but He loved us enough to provide the means of us seeing He and the Father one day in Heaven. We are left with the choice of whether we will invite Light into our dark pathway of life. The choice seems plain, and obvious to me. Will you please consider making the most important decisions of your life – the right choice? Although not considered selfish by my friends, I am extremely selfish in asking God to tender the hearts of all my family and friends. I truly believe that Jesus heard my prayer, and that He is already working on each of you. Listen to His voice my friend, and surrender your life to Him today, won’t you?

PRAYER: The picture is clear dear God, for You have provided the Light that this world needs. Not only to prevent our stumbling around in the dark here on earth, but also for providing a clear, lighted path to heaven, where we are told that no light will be necessary there for You are the light. Praise God forever and forever! Please touch the lives of the unsaved today dear God. Please light their path so brightly that they will recognize their need for the Savior. Thank You for so adequately providing the Light of the world Heavenly Father, to be my Savior from Hell and damnation. My deepest desire is to see my family and friends do the same, so I am humbly placing this request at Your feet, praying that Your perfect will might be accomplished today. I ask these things in the precious name of Jesus, THE Light, THE Truth and THE Way, AMEN!

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