In Overwhelming Appreciation to God

Friday, 2019-11-01

Bible Reference: 2 Samuel 7:18-22
Translation: Living Bible (TLB)

Bible Text: 18 Then David went into the Tabernacle and sat before the Lord and prayed, “O Lord God, why have you showered your blessings on such an insignificant person as I am? 19 And now, in addition to everything else, you speak of giving me an eternal dynasty! Such generosity is far beyond any human standard! O Lord God! 20 What can I say? For you know what I am like! 21 You are doing all these things just because you promised to and because you want to! 22 How great you are, Lord God! We have never heard of any other God like you. And there is no other God.

OBSERVATION: David, a king who had won many victories in battle, helped many who could not help themselves, yet He stood before God Almighty as One who could make him or break him, bless him or curse him. David stood there in awe recognizing that God is no respecter of persons, and that He alone is God. Oh that we might recognize Jesus today because He makes Himself evident in our presence and through our life.

APPLICATION: It is a very humbling experience whenever we are recognized by a person in authority over us, or if we found favor in their eyes because of something we did or said. Think of your boss, for example. Imagine if you were at a staff meeting at work and was recognized for something that you may have done – something that you considered as part of your normal job description. And imagine if the owner of the company stood to present the recognition personally? Can you see how David may have felt? Perhaps unworthy, because he only did what he felt instructed by God to do; perhaps humbled, because God could have chosen any other deserving priest or temple worker to bless in awesome ways; perhaps overwhelmed, because God had already blessed him immeasurably in so many unbelievable ways. Friends, I believe that a huge takeaway that should bless our souls in this story today, is that God sees, and He knows our actions, our words, our intent and our very hearts, and He will not let us get away with sin, nor will He fail to recognize and bless us for our faithful obedience to Him. David was a great warrior, but he was also obedient to God and depended on God for all decisions. What about you fellow follower of Christ? Is God convinced that you’re on His side, dependent on His directions, and led by His almighty hand? Have you surrendered your family to Him? Notice where David was also in awe about God’s promise to rule over his family in future generations also? Like David said in verse 22, there is no God like His God. I am convinced of the same, there is no God like my God! How about you, friend? Do you know Him intimately and commune with Him daily? Is God at liberty to live in your life and work through you in every phase of life?

PRAYER: Lord God, who am I that a King should love me enough to die for me, and open the doors of heaven for me? Unworthy though I may feel that I am, praise God that You love me as Your very own son! For no praise of my own, I pray that Your greatness may be seen and recognized through everything that I do or say today and every day until You call me home to glory with You. Please tender the hearts of all those who will read this devotional, so that they too may catch a glimpse of Heaven; their glorious and wonderful Savior; and our soon coming King. You are more wonderful than anything we could ever imagine. May this also be evident through Your precious children today! AMEN!

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